Learn new skills to help your most troubled clients

Are you a therapist with challenging clients for whom traditional psychodynamic therapy has not lessened their psychic pain? Do you want to enhance your ability to help consumers with intense emotional dysregulation?

Working with clients with extreme emotional intensity requires special skills that I have been using—and teaching to clinicians—since 2000.

I now offer a one-day introduction and six week workshop to provide Dialectical Behavioral Therapy-informed techniques to non-DBT therapists. A few details:

  • Workshops are held in my office.
  • No more than 10 therapists per session.
  • You will purchase your own copy of DBT Skills Handouts and Worksheets by Marsha Linehan (Guilford Press) and her DBT Skills Training Manual.
  • Networking is an important part of this program

I look forward to sharing my experience with these effective clinical tools.

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